How to get Tynt and Amaura in Pokemon GO: How to get them from Tyrunt and Amaura

There are many trainers around the world who want to obtain Yung or Amaura in Pokemon GO. The mystery surrounding these two Pokemon is still very much alive. People want to find out as quickly and easily as possible. Let’s get started.

How to get Tyrunt & Amaura from Pokemon GO


This article demonstrates how I took Tyrunt and Amaura to Pokemon GO. Adventure Week is happening right now, one year ahead of it. There are more options available for Tyrunt and Amaura than ever before. You can also catch them wild. According to the official event post, Amaura is available from 11-12 o’clock and 11 to 2.00 o’clock respectively. Tyrunt travels from 13:00 to 13. It seems that it’s 2 o’clock. Keep thinking about how he is a tussle. Here are some words from the official event posting. Another potential source for these creatures could be 7km of eggs. This could be true even after adventure week begins.

While the event is still ongoing, Tyrunt and Amaura can get GO from Pokemon GO by doing Field and Timed research. These were discussed in great detail in the Adventure Week Field Research Tasks 2022 guide, but we only addressed the most important ones. You need to do this for two reasons: to spin 20 PokeStops and to walk 5 km to meet one of them. To find out where it is, you can toss a coin. You can earn five Candies for Amaura or turn fifty PokeStops and Gyms into Tyrants if you don’t mind the uncertainty. You should follow the guide as closely as you can to get the best results.