First Ever Flashback 2 Gameplay Preview Revealed

Microids has released Flashback 2’s first teaser video. Three decades later, Paul Cuisset of Microids Studio Lyon and Conrad B.Hart’s adventures are over, and they’re eager to welcome everyone to the Flashback franchise.

Conrad and his friends are again facing the Morphs after the defeat of Master Brain in the last episode. This is a threat to all civilizations. Conrad’s best friend Ian is taken from him. Another dirty trick by the Morphs It is your responsibility to discover who and what did it.

Flashback 2 was created in perfect collaboration with Microids Studio Lyon and the Paul Cuissets Team. Flashback was created to welcome players with the vision for a new story that combines action, puzzle, and infiltration. You will be taken to places you know like the Jungle or Neo Washington. But, this adventure will also take you to new areas like the Neo Tokyo or mysterious space station.

Paul Cuisset brought back several team members to help with the sequel, as well as pay tribute to the original game. Raphael Gesqua (the composer of the Amiga’s famous soundtrack) and Thierry Perreau, the designer.

The animation was very popular in the 90s so the team decided to continue that tradition with this episode. To help them achieve their goals, Jamel Blissat, a world-famous stuntman, was hired to perform Conrad B. Harts’ motion capture.

Flashback 2 will be available on winter 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and PC. The Nintendo Switch version of Flashback 2 will be available in 2023.