Pokemon Journeys Promo Hypes and Paul’s Great Reunion Battle

Pokemon Journeys has released a promotional video for the next episode featuring Ash Ketchum and teasing an upcoming fight between the two. The first episode of the anime series aired in Japan began with an account of Ash Ketchum is now a new show, in which the final few episodes are prepared for the final battle in the World Coronation Series that will be enhanced with the help of The Master’s event in Japan which will feature a wide range of champions from across the world. It appears that he might get assistance from a surprising source.

After initially hinting that he’d return to anime with a brand new theme, Pokemon Journeys has revealed that Paul will be returning to anime in the upcoming episode set in Japan. As Ash prepares for the competition on the last day and on the following day, the winners will face off against the other competitors It appears that Paul will offer essential training that only Ash’s rivals would require.

Episode 114 on Pokemon Travels is titled “The Fire Training Battle! If it’s part of The Master’s Tournament, then it’s extremely interesting. In addition, coaches are also invited to attend the Oak Laboratory. I’ll be there. Pokemon: Pikachu, Lucario Gengar, Dragonite, Sirfetch’d, and Dracovishsuddenly get excited after Ash’s Pokemon cheered them on. As always Paul Ash’s adversary who he fought through Sinnoh, is in the laboratory as well. What are the benefits of this reunion?

It would have been great to have seen Paul be one of the greatest trainers since last we were able to see Paul in the Diamond and Pearl edition, however, in the context of the region of Sinnoh, it’s been a great way to wrap up what Ash did in this particular season. Fans should at the very least get to a full-on battle with the three trainers as they did before, and hopefully, Ash is able to finally win.

How do you feel about it? however, what do you really think? What were your thoughts about Paul returning to the Pokemon show for a lengthy time? What do you hope to see from the battle between the two rivals who have reunited? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.