Ranking of Kings is confirmed to air its special episode in 2023

“Wit Studio’s” Ranking of the Kings will debut a special episode in 2023!


The Japanese fantasy manga, Ousama Ranking, otherwise called Ranking of Kings, was initially a manga comic written and written by Sosuke Toka. The manga’s chapters are already collected in 13 volumes. A cartoon version to Ousama Ranking was produced by Wit Studio and aired from October 2021 until March 2022.

Recently the announcement was made to confirm that Ranking of Kings’ special episode called “Ranking of Kings: Treasure Chest of Courage,” is set to air in 2023. Alongside the announcement of the premiere an exciting new key visual, in which Bojji was seen opening a treasure chest was released to hint at the coming special episode. Keep your eyes on the official Ranking of the Kings website for any announcements.

The plot of Ranking of Kings revolves around the young prince Bojji who is unable to speak or hear, and is so weak it is impossible for him to even hold the sword of a child. The inhabitants of the kingdom are scathing about Bojji and call him “The good-for-nothing prince” while laughing and pointing out his lack of knowledge. However, Bojji, as a firstborn son, works hard and hopes to become the most powerful king of the world. ,

While Bojji may not appear physically strong, he’s not averse to being discouraged. In the course of his day, the prince comes across Kage who is a shadow who is the only one of the survivors of the wiped out assassin clan. Kage is able to comprehend Bojji despite being unable to speak because of his disability. Bojji as well as Kage have developed an unlikely bond which will serve as the basis to their adventures. The story follows the two as they travel across the globe, navigating all its dangers and the mysteries. Despite the ridicule he’s endured throughout his entire existence, Bojji resolves to fulfill his dream to become the most powerful king that he can be.

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