The CEO had a pay cut of 20 million dollars but his paycheck is still bloated

the CEO at Electronic Arts (EA) Andrew Wilson had a pay cut last year. On his own and we now are aware of the amount he is due to pay in with 20 million bucks.

Wilson earned a total of 39,2 million dollars during the year before the fiscal year. The base salary of his job, 1.25 million dollars, was an excellent investment and one of the top of managers, one of the top of both. However, the team of the EAs has been pushing for changes. A study of compensation plans for the company in 2020 showed just 26% of shareholders of the companies were satisfied with their current compensation programs in the same year as one from the year before, when similar results showed overwhelming support for executive pay.

CtW Investment Group

The rage was at the very least triggered due to CtW Investment Group. A firm that has filed lawsuits against a variety of companies over excessive executive compensation, including EA as well as Activision Blizzard. The group stated that EA made use of bonuses that were specifically designed to increase the amount that Wilsons was paid, based on huge bonuses. In reality, Wilson received a 30 million dollar credit for his efforts to keep him and keep him motivated.

Although the Senate-approved votes aren’t legally binding. They show that shareholder discontent is quite large, and the massive anger of shareholders is likely to result in implications. This is why in the period 2021-2022 in the fiscal year the EA has decided to not pay some of the significant bonuses given by Wilson. While his salary increased from 1,25 to 1 million dollars, minus bonuses, he made 19,9 million dollars and the decline was close to 20 million dollars over the period 2020-2021 in the estimation of the EA.

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We don’t know what percentage of Wilson’s funds will be used for in the fiscal year currently underway. For EA the fiscal year began in April 2022 and will closes on March 20, 2023. The company is expected to conduct another vote in August, which will allow shareholders to cast their votes. Are they satisfied or not with the modified pay structure. The company reiterated its pledge to let executives participate in the program, with more attractive pay as they will in 2026.