The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague anime adaption is scheduled for 2023 release

The anime adaptation of “The Ice Guy and his Cool Female Colleague”, a Japanese illustrated manga series, will finally premiere in 2023.

Miyuki Togoya illustrated and wrote The Ice Guy with His Cool Female Colleague. It began serialization on Square Enix’ Gangan Pixiv manga site in July 2019. Six volumes have been assembled from the individual chapters of the manga series.

Koori Zkusei Danshi To Cool na Douryou Joshi manga series is a “Josei supernatural romance comedy” manga series. It follows the story of Himuro (an office worker who is also a descendant of a race of supernatural beings) and Fuyutsuki (a colleague of Himuro and considered a cool lady). Himuro has an unusual ability that freezes everything that is near him. He summons a snowstorm whenever he feels anxious. Himuro was secretly in love with Fuyutsuki but she was too dense for Himuro to understand the depth of his feelings.

Officially, Zero-G and Liber animation studios announced on June 21st that they would produce an anime adaptation to Miyuki Tonogaya’s josei manga series. The production will be directed by Mankyu. Chiaki Kobayashi, a voice actor, has been cast as Himuro. Yui Ishikawa will play Fuyutsuki.

It was revealed recently that “The Ice Guy” and his Cool Female Colleague would be adapted into anime in 2023. However, no specific dates have been given. Here’s the official trailer for The Ice Guy and His Female Colleague as a YouTube video from AnimeHype:

The trailer gives a glimpse of key visuals from the featured episodes. Fans of Miyuki Tonogaya’s josei manga are excited to see the anime adaptation.