Amongst Gen Meteors Get new LGA-2551 Socket Next Year

According to Moores Law is Dead, the Intel Raptor Lake S series of processors will be the last for the LGA1700/1800 socket.

Who would have thought that Intel would use the exact same processor in the same socket for three generations of its processors? A new socket will be required for a new series of desktop processors in the fourth quarter 2023 when Intel is expected release a new generation with names such as meteor lake.

Moores Law is Dead states that the LGA 2551 socket is not much larger than the LGA1700 socket. LGA 5051’s dimensions are 38 46 mm in diameter. This means that it is 0.5 mm wider than the LGA 1701 socket and 1 mm taller. The photo of the LGA2551 socket showed that the 2551 connections would last half as long.

Although insiders have confirmed the rumors over the last few weeks, they don’t know the release date. According to the leak, Meteor Lake S should be released in the fourth quarter of 2023 and not in 2024. Moores Law is Dead does not confirm the Meteor Lake desktop setup, so we can assume that it will be very similar to Raptor Lake.

Skymont and Lion Cove may be new cores that could play in Arrow Lake’s 15th generation. There were rumors of new microarchitectures being developed for Lunar Lake. As previously mentioned, the 15th generation core won’t be able develop performance cores. However, it will have twice the number of efficiency cores compared to Raptor Lake. It will also have 32 total cores.

Arrow Lake workspace will also be compatible with LGA 2551 socket. The new platform for desktops will support at least two generations. The company has not yet confirmed that this architecture will compete with AMD Zen6. Arrow Lake will not be available until the second half 2024, which is a loss of one year.