Amouranth defends an investment in a petrol station as prices soared

Amouranth claims she is not responsible for fuel prices (pic: Tweet).

Amouranth must defend its investment as petrol prices rise.

Many were shocked when Kaitlyn Amouranth, a Twitch streamer, announced that she had bought a few petrol stations.

It is all over now – the streamer recently told her how she has benefited from this investment.

The rising cost of petrol is to blame. Some believe Amouranth is making a profit from the poor in other companies.


Amouranth does not understand this, and argues that more petrol stations will help ease the pressure on prices.

A plethora gas stations is a better option than an affordable gasoline station. However, commuters will pay much less for a lot more. You can also choose another gas station if one is not available.

Kaitlyn (@wildkait), June 13, 2022

You can go a little lower if you have a station on a difficult road. A commuter doesn’t have that option, she says via her Twitter.

You can get your income from another gas station located on the opposite side of the street.

She claims that oil companies cannot unilaterally decide to raise prices. This would invite bankruptcy, which is a type of price taker and not price makers.

Oil COs are price takers, not price makers. It should be controversial.

Amouranth claims that oil prices can rise, which shows how little control companies have over these things.

She claims she receives offers for her petrol stations that would make her a profit. She is not yet certain if she will offload them.

She is able to purchase them because it is part of her larger plan to make enough money to retire from streaming.

The fact that oil prices go down is testament to their lack of control over prices; even when the last time the Vuitton bags, Google ads or energy drinks went down down?I think this isnat difficult to understand think its is a hysterical matter.