Android 21 (Lab Coat) was banned for Dragon Ball FighterZ at CEO 2022

The decision to take an additional major was made. However, Android 21 (Lab Coat), has been banned from Dragon Ball FighterZ use at Community Effort Orlando (202).

After lengthy discussions between Alex Jebailey, organizer, and a variety of DBFZ community members, this decision was made. The character could not be played at the event.

After being reviewed by the CEO’s board (@jebailey and the entire DBFZ community), our decision was made to participate in the tournament under the hashtag #CEO2022. All of our tournament rules have been updated here:

#CEO2022 at Daytona Beach, June 24-26 (@CEOGaming) Judice 1 – 2022.

Jebailey stated that he preferred the developers or players to solve imbalances within games meta. However, in this instance, recent tournament results as well as the nature of the lab coat 21s game made him feel at ease. Her ability to apply two-percent damage to other characters in the game made them inherently weaker. This was also a decisive factor.

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Jebailey stated that although I would love to ban characters from fighting games to let the meta figure it out, her [Lab Coat 21] disables the entire game and seven of the top CB teams using her showed she’s too powerful. We are also excited to add some hours to our schedule.

I am against the ban of character in fighting. A meta could understand how it works. Despite her having played an entire game and 7 out of 8 top teams at CB, which is a sign that she is superpowered, we have grown so excited that we can add hours to our other schedules. – with a twist on my mind – we’ll have to see how many hours.

Alex Jebailey (@Jebailey) 1st June 2022.

There was also a discussion on Feb. 24, about whether Lab Coat 21 or Combo Breaker should be banned. However, a decision was made to allow the newest DBFZ character to play since she hadn’t yet participated in the extensive LAN tournament.

Bandai Namco has confirmed that a patch will be made available to DBFZ later in the year. It will apply a new balance update and include Lab Coat 21. Most players believe this will be a series of nerfs and reworks before a larger event later in the year, especially prior to Evo 2022 which is expected to take place sometime in July.

Jebailey stated that the patch should be released at least one week before CEO 2022 begins on June 24th. If it does, he will evaluate the impact of the gameplay with the community to decide whether or not to unban the game. You can also watch the video Hold Back to Blocks, which gives a history of fighting game characters banned from competition in the past.