Anime Adventures Codes – Roblox

All the current Anime Adventures codes in one list that is updated regularly — Roblox Game by Gomu – You can redeem these codes for Gems and summon Tickets boosts, and other rewards in the game.

Codes for Anime Adventures – Full List

Valid Codes

Use these codes to redeem Gems or summon Tickets Bonuses, Gems, and other rewards in-game.


They are latest and valid codes.

  • SORRYFORSHUTDOWN Redeem codes to earn gems (New)
  • TWOMILLION Redeem codes for gems (New)
  • CHALLENGEFIXin – Redeem code for gifts
  • GINYUFIX – Redeem code for gifts
  • SubToKelvingts Redeem code for 1x Summon Ticket
  • SubToBlamspot – Redeem code for 1x Summon Ticket
  • TOADBOIGAMING – Redeem code for 1x Summon Ticket
  • KingLuffy Redeem code to summon 1 Summon Ticket
  • noclypso – Redeem code for 1x Summon Ticket
  • subtosnowrbx – Redeem code for 1x Summon Ticket
  • Cxrsed – Redeem code for 1x Summon Ticket
  • FictioNTheFirst Redeem code to redeem 1x Summon Ticket
  • RELEASE – Redeem code for 50 Gems

This code database up-to-date, so keep an eye on us.

Anime Adventures social media channels:

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  • Channel Discord: Anime Adventures
  • Youtube: ? ?
  • Join Roblox Group:

Anime Adventures Expired Codes

The codes are no longer working:

Anime Adventures Codes – How do I Redeem?

Here are the steps needed to redeeming codes:


  1. Start Anime Adventures on your PC or your mobile device
  2. Click on Codes Zone to locate the machine that codes are on. A pop-up window will open.
  3. Copy the code from our list
  4. Copy this code into the field which you will be able to see “Enter Code” is only available only once!
  5. Click”Redeem” to redeem your reward “Redeem” option to claim your reward! & Enjoy

Watch how YouTuber Gaming Dan Redeems these codes in this video:

How do I you play Anime Adventures? Roblox Game by Gomu

Welcom here to Anime Adventures!

If you are a fan of Tower defense, we’re absolutely certain that you’ll love this Anime Adventures game, you will need to gather characters from your favorite anime Follow a game plan to defeat the numerous enemies that appear in the game once you start playing The steps to follow on playing are easy to follow:


  1. Gather gems and summon tickets to gain more anime characters
  2. Use the gems you’ve earned to buy anime or heroes characters
  3. Find the most powerful characters from your war inventory
  4. Access the game area and enter any of the cubicles for games.
  5. Choose the map that you would like to play
  6. Do your best to go the maximum distance you can before developing your own strategy