Anime Adventures Raid Update Log and Patch Notes

Roblox Anime Adventures update has been released. Roblox Anime Adventures update has been released and brings new content, modifications as well as bugs for the games!


Roblox Anime Adventures has released their first major update on the 15th of July 2022! In this update it will include the brand new Marine’s Ford world, brand new models, a higher limit on levels, events quests, more reward levels and much more that has been added into the gameplay. Also, bugs fixed, balance adjustments and enhancements that will make it easier to play gameplay!

If you’re looking for something for free, go to the Anime Adventures Coupons site! Below is a look into the notes on the patch that were made available through the official Discord channel::

Reaper 2 Trello Link

The Update Log (1.5.0) Two new raids with challenges added!

  • Updated raids and their evolutions!
  • Raids are scheduled at random throughout the day.
  • New world is coming shortly…
  • The new raid unit and improvements!
  • Raids are randomly scheduled throughout the day.
  • New world to come very soon…
  • Banner Tiers added!
  • The ability has been added to eliminate shiny units!
  • More bug fixes , balance adjustments, plus improvements