Anime Masters Codes – Roblox

All valid Anime Masters codes in one list that is updated regularly — Roblox Game by Modly Company You can redeem these codes for energy, gold, experience Rebirths, and more.



Anime Masters Codes – Full List

Use these codes to redeem gold and experience, as well as energy, rebirths, energy and more.


Valid & Active Codes

These are the most valid codes.

  • 3klikes : Code Reward > Claim 2.5k Energy (New)
  • 2.5kkkk: Code Reward > Claim 2.5k Energy (New)
  • 2kwuut: Code Reward > Claim 2.5k Energy
  • already1.5k: Code Reward > Claim 2.5k Energy
  • 1klikes: Code Reward > Claim 5k Energy
  • 500already: Code Reward > Claim 2k Energy
  • 500already: Code Reward > Claim 2k Energy
  • 250tysm: Code Reward > Claim 1k Energy
  • 100yaay: Code Reward > Claim 1.5k Energy
  • 50likes: Code Reward > Claim 2k Energy
  • release Code Reward Claim 1k Energy

If you’d like to see more codes play this game among your friends, and give it a thumbs up and save it to your the favorites. To check for available codes, bookmark our website and then check our list of codes, that we’ll be updating with each new code.

Codes that are expired

These codes not working anymore:

  • : Code Reward >

Please leave us a note in the event that you discover additional codes, so that we are able to keep our list current


Anime Masters Codes – How to Redeem?

  1. Launch Anime Masters
  2. Simply click on for the Logo Twitter (left side)
  3. Copy the code, then press “redeem” to claim your gifts. To avoid mistakes, it’s best to duplicate the code directly on our website as we’ve checked them.
  4. Enjoy your rewards

Learn ways to redeem codes (video by youtube Dan from Gaming Dan)

How can I participate in Anime Masters? Roblox Game by Modly Company

The game is developed by the Modly Company, comes a brand new enjoyable and entertaining game named: Anime Masters, the game’s theme is inspired by the name of the game, and where the game is guaranteed to be thrilling and exciting the game will attract a lot of fans who will fill up the server on which the game runs. It will have thousands of gamers who are playing at the same time making the game more exciting and more engaging.

It is a game that is like Anime Clicker, due to the gameplay. The game. It is played by pressing on anything and everywhere you can get to It is a simple game. To become the best, you need to click like you’re an animal that could click .

Clicking on the button will give you energy. Energy can be described as the principal source of energy in the game that you can use to gain numerous things like you can gain access to higher-quality character (as the more powerful choice, the more cool as you’ll look playing this game), and can display your teammates and friends equip) Additionally, you can purchase Rebirths to help you if you require these (never harms to have a few), increase your multiplier to get more energy by hitting everywhere.


In the game, you’ll have an area specifically for beginners that you don’t have any competition and will be play in the free world of Roblox in which you’ll be able practice against mannequins without having to do PVP or engage in a fight mode with other players. However, if you’re seeking excitement then you’ll be allowed to quit the beginner zone and engage in battle against experienced players who will allow you to be able to test your skills as an experienced Anime Master player.

The game is new, so be prepared for glitches and insufficient content. The game will update frequently, so be prepared for new moves as well as bosses and armor upgrades.