Assetto Corsa Best Car Mods (2022)

Assetto Corsa’s Best Modifying Cars Honda, Ferrari, Formula 3, McLaren, Rally Legends, Mazda, Gokart, Nissan, RedBull, Subaru and many more


Assetto Corsa Best Car Mods – Honda NSX Mod

The 3.0 update comprises 9 vehicles:


  • 1992 Acura NSX
  • 1994 Acura NSX
  • 1995 Acura NXX Acura (S1 Model that is fictional)
  • 1999 Acura NSX Alex Zanardi Edition
  • 1991 Honda NSX
  • 1997 Honda NSX (S1, fictional model)
  • 1992 Honda NSX-R
  • 1994 Honda NSX-R
  • 1997 Honda NSX Type S-ZERO

Donwload Honda NSX Mod > Here

Assetto Corsa Best Car Mods – RSR Formula 3 Mod

  • Realistic physics based on real-world data confirmed by driver feedback and telemetry. Similar laser-scanned track identical car, similar configuration and driver.
  • The suspension and dampers are created in detail, after testing them on the real car.
  • complete analysis of suspension geometry , dynamics and geometry (Roll Centers Anti Squat, Anti Dive, KPI, Caster, Tyre Offset,Scrub Radius, Springs and Damper Rates critical Damping, Suspension Travel , and many more)
  • Fully specified aerodynamics. A mathematically advanced model developed to integrate, with minimal loss of information, the intricate aero measurements into an AC models of aerodynamics.
  • The model takes into consideration also the interactions between wings (disturbance of the angle of the front wing on the effectiveness of the rear wings).
    It’s impossible for now to create this model in a dynamic manner (hopefully within the pipeline at KS) The mathematical model I’ve created has been adjusted to produce realistic balance-changing wings. Best results for the most commonly used wings’ angles.
  • Front Spitter as well as underbody and Diffuser the stalls at a an appropriate the height.

Assetto Corsa Best Car Mods – Ferrari F2002 Mod

This iconic car, developed through Rory Bryne and Paolo Martinelli is a symbol of the early 2000’s F1 with an incredible 94% winning rate during 2003. This dominance was led by no other than Michael Schumacher, then four times WDC who was soon going to become five times World Champion. Together with Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello gave his teammate a formidable fight throughout the course of the season, allowing for the clear driving strategy that was employed by Ferrari in the era which culminated on the final race at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Donwload Ferrari F2002 Mod > Here

Assetto Corsa Best Car Mods – Rallylegends Mod

Ford Fiesta RS WRC ( Tarmac + Gravel Spec) v 3.0


Donwload Rallylegends Mod > Here

Assetto Corsa Best Car Mods – 1999 Nissan Primera BTCC Mod

Donwload 1999 Nissan Primera BTCC Mod > Here

Assetto Corsa Best Car Mods – Mazda 787B Mod

Donwload Mazda 787B Mod > Here

Assetto Corsa Best Car Mods – Redbull X2010 Mod

Donwload Redbull X2010 Mod > Here

Assetto Corsa Best Car Mods – GoKart Mod

This is the case with karts


  • 125cc -> 31bhp, 71kg
  • 270cc -> 8bhp, 150kg
  • 390cc -> 12bhp, 150kg
  • 250cc -> 28bhp, 143kg
  • 50cc -> 13bhp, 70kg
  • 100cc -> 22bhp, 71kg
  • 125cc shitfer turbo -> 41(28)bhp, 74kg
  • 125cc shifter SGM 48bph -> 125cc shifter SGM 75kg (comming on October)

Donwload GoKart Mod > Here

Assetto Corsa Best Car Mods – Corvette C6R 2013 Mod

Donwload Corvette C6R 2013 Mod > Here

Assetto Corsa Best Car Mods – McLaren-Honda MP4/4 Mod

4 chassis upgrades used during the season by Prost and Senna + 12 liveries (Imola to Adelaide), 6 Bonus skins Ferrari,Lotus,Benetton and Williams (can be found with the R04 chassis upgrade). New rainlight for the driver’s cockpit (first car with this animation) Moving wings, and much more…

Donwload McLaren-Honda MP4/4 Mod > Here


Assetto Corsa Best Car Mods – IER Car Pack – USCC Mod

  • 3D finished to both Dallara Coyote and Dallara Coyote chassis
  • Completely overhauled physics, Based on the information from engineers from the real-world car
  • Animations for drivers for both versions
  • Full LOD implementation to allow for higher frame rates
  • Feature list updated according to the latest version of AC
  • New and improved sound
  • New shaders
  • Different graphic improvements

Donwload IER Car Pack – USCC Mod > Here

Assetto Corsa Best Car Mods – 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX Mod

Donwload 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX Mod > Here

Assetto Corsa Best Car Mods – VRC 2009 Williams FW31 Mod

This version incorporates the initial section of changes implemented by VRC that affect a variety of 3D/2D regions, sounds and physical physics.

Donwload VRC 2009 Williams FW31 Mod > Here


Formula Renault 3.5 2014 Mod

The mod comes with 15 costumes, suits, and helmets from the 2014 season. It includes the current F1 drivers such as Carlos Sainz Jr, who won a record-breaking seven times in 2014 to claim the title from his most favored rival for the majority of the season, Roberto Merhi, who’s the second Spaniard in the field who won three times on his return to single-seater racing after two years competing in the DTM Series.

Donwload Formula Renault 3.5 2014 Mod > Here

Koenigsegg One:1 Mod

The 2014 One:1 really raises the bar of performance. The One:1 offers innovative and distinctive ways to improve the performance of tracks without compromising the speed of the track or daily usability and a stunning visual appearance .

Examples of features: unique aero winglets that are optimized for track as well as venturi tunnels with extended lengths and side splitters Le-Mans inspiration active wings as well as enhanced active undertrim air control. Large air vents for better cooling and roof air scoops that accommodate 1 Megawatt power source 8250 RPM rev limit, and complemented by Custom custom Michelin Cup Tires, upgraded rear triplex suspension, with carbon bevel springs as well as active shock absorbers as well as the height of the ride, complemented by the latest and most innovative Koenigsegg Carbon fiber Aircore wheels.


Donwload Koenigsegg One:1 Mod > Here

Honda Racing Lawn Mower Mod

Donwload Honda Racing Lawn Mower Mod > Here

SaReNi CAMARO GT3 and GT Race Mod

Donwload SaReNi CAMARO GT3 and GT Race Mod > Here

Ferrari 488 Spider Mod

Donwload Ferrari 488 Spider Mod > Here


NFS Tournament Class A Mod

  • This pack comes with cars as well as race grid templates that can be utilized to use in the content Manager to manage each vehicle, which means it will load the same players from the original game.
  • The two cars can be seen together under its own brand name, which is “NFS Tournament Class A”.
  • The rear wing of Diablo’s rear wing Diablo can be switched on and off by clicking the Aero tab of the settings options.

Donwload NFS Tournament Class A Mod > Here

Opel Calibra ITC 1996 Mod