Battlefield 2042: When does Season 1 begin? The date suggested by Tom Henderson was the one that will begin at the first time?

Battlefield 2042’s season 1 was already in June. However, the date for the launch the multiplayer content in the Swedish team has been leaked ahead of time.

Tom Henderson is the author of this new story. In a new article dedicated solely to Henderson, he suggested that Season 1 will officially start on June 9th. A Henderson data report and a well-known insider like Nick Baker from Xbox Eras, suggests that Season 1’s debut will be preceded by three trailers.

There will likely be three trailers. The trailers will focus on Battlefield 2042 season 1 and Battlefield 2042 Season 2. One trailer will be focused on ewelina Lis while the other will concentrate on Battle Pass. The trailers for all three games will be released simultaneously on June 7. Content creators will soon be able share their impressions of the battlefield 2042, Season 1, on their own. Dataminers discovered that there will be new content, including the Specialist Ewelina Lis, the remote-controlled rocket launcher, Stealth helicopters, Dedicated Exposure Playlists, and the premium Battle Pass.

DICE cannot introduce a new map to Battlefield 2042 Season 1 despite the numerous modifications.