Blasphemous Full Map – 2022

Blasphemous Full-Map – HD Map, and all regions and locations with all collectibles, objects and other points of interest.


Blasphemous Full Map – Updated 100 Map

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Blasphemous Full Map – Locations

  • Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow:This area has the Confessor Statue, Chapel of Travel as well as Mea Culpa Altar. It is also home to the Jailed Ghost can also be located here.
  • Holy Line The Holy Line is the initial place that the Penitent One is confronted with following his encounter with the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow and it is also the place that precedes Albero
  • Petrous is an ancient and forgotten location, hidden in an underground cave inside the Holy Line
  • Albero: is an area of habitation near the outskirts Cvstodia
  • The Wasteland of the Buried Churches is the location right after Albero. From this point, the penitent may choose to continue to the place where Olive Trees Wither or Mercy Dreams
  • Mercy Dreams appears to be an old-fashioned prison that has chains, cells, and crumbling walls all over the entire area
  • The Desecrated Cistern is a large sewer that connects several regions. It’s first accessible through Mercy Dreams
  • Echoes of Salt is a region that connects to the Mountains of the Endless Dusk, Jondo, and the Desecrated Cistern that was included in The Stir of Dawn DLC.
  • Mountains of the Endless Dusk is one of the mountainous regions in Cvstodia where the valley houses the famous bell Jondo
  • Jondo is located beneath Mountains of the Endless Dusk and above the Grievance Ascends. It’s dark and gray and is dotted with lifts, ladders and walls that can be climbed.
  • Grievance Ascends is below Jondo and is the origin of what is called the Groan. It is a result of the Tres Angustias

Enclosed Convent

  • The place where Olive Trees Wither: his zone is accessible through Wasteland of the Buried Churches and is a precursor to Graveyard of the Peaks
  • Graveyard of the Peaks is located in the mountainous, cold area of Cvstodia and is reached via The Olive Trees That Wither in the Forest and Albero
  • The Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage is an abbey situated on the top of the mountains covered in snow, and easily accessible through the Graveyard of the Peaks
  • The Bridge of the Three Calvaries connects the Wasteland of the Buried Churches with the Mother of Mothers
  • The Ferrous Tree that was added to The Stir of Dawn DLC is a tiny vertical space within the hollow of the tree
  • When you first arrive at the the patio of the Silent Steps, Deogracias will be seated close to the Prie Dieu altar
  • Knot from the Three Words is located in the Mother of Mothers, and is the location where it is believed that the First Miracle took place, according to Deogracias
  • The Mother of Mothers is a grand but obscure church that is only accessible to those who are of high standing within the church
  • All The Tears of the Sea: Small area added to the Strife & Ruin update. It is accessible in a continuous direction away from The Knot of the Three Words
  • The Library of Negated Words is first opened through The The Mother of Mothers, with the passage going further in The Sleeping Canvases and another returning until The Patio of the Silent Steps
  • The sleeping Canvases represent heretical art and artifacts that are not intended for the pious to view. The art of no one can replicate the divine beauty of the Miracle
  • The Archcathedral Rooftops offer a breathtaking glimpse of the intricate design that is the Cathedral below and to the horizon
  • The Wall of the Holy Prohibitions is the prison for the Church
  • Deambulatory of His Holiness: