Blizzard Entertainment Gives More Details For Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s team Overwatch 2 recorded a special livestream this week as they talked about the history of the game. The most important things we learned from the team was in the studio last weekwere that the game will be available for free starting on the 4th of October. If you don’t want to play the game you played previously then you’ll probably need more money available to go to the next game.

Loot boxes will not be thrown out (which is logical as they’re still being prohibited in Europe) Instead. They’ll be replaced with an Battle Pass and an in-game shop. This means that you have to buy cosmetics from Call Of Duty or Fortnite today. The game will change to 5v5, which we’ve been playing for several months.

Each player will have a brand new ranking system and progression. Everyone will end up back to the bottom regardless of ranking within the game. A few other information from the team and the live stream can be seen below.

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.


In the process of making Overwatch 2 free-to-play is a natural progression for our game and our players. Overwatch has been around since the day it was introduced into the world in which it was first introduced to was always an interactive game. its players have always been a blast when we gather. Free-to-play lets players join the game, or to get involved on the internet.

In this transition to free-to play we’ll add cross-foundancing to allow everyone to play, advance, and play the unlocked content across all platforms. For Overwatch II there will be no Loot Boxes. The new live service will give players the ability to make their own unique experiences. Players can purchase the items they desire directly through their Battle Pass and an updated shop. The team will create and release seasonal content every 9 weeks to ensure that everyone knows something new and exciting.


In the chart below you can see our plans for the short-term in Season One as well as Season Two in addition to our long-term goals for building the game to the year 2023, and even beyond. The players are expected to encounter the same hero every season, along with new game modes and maps in between.

In the season One, Sojourn, Junker Queen, a hero of support in Season One. And also the 5v5 PvP experience, brand new maps, new eras, modes, and much more. We’re also creating a completely new competitive experience for players to give them additional resources for their games and also to give players the players feel more confident in their competitive play. You can alter the amount you contribute according to the match. Further details about the overhaul to competitive play will be announced soon.

Second season of Overwatch will feature the tank hero of the future as well as a map as well as a selection of original skins, including a brand new Mythic skin. As the year progresses towards 2023, we’ll bring overwatch’s story Overwatch ahead with the announcement of our brand new PvE game that will be released seasonally and begin next year, featuring new characters, maps and game modes. We’ll have more details before the deadline!


It’s always our belief it’s important that Overwatch ought to be considered a real game. Overwatch is a symbol of the values of openness, inclusion, and a sense of community. These principles led to a shift in our approach to release new maps, heroes and modes regularly as we believe it is the most effective method to reach our players.