Blue Archive Coupon Codes

Blue Archive Coupon codes – Mobile Anime RPG Games by Nexon – Redeem these codes to get some freebies. Pyroxenes. Exp, boosts. And other in-game items


Blue Archive Gift Codes

These codes can be redeemed to get freebies: Exp, boosts, Pyroxenes, and other in-game goodies


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Valid Codes

  • No active codes

Each week we release new codes. If you don’t want to miss any, there are thousands of rewards waiting for you. All you have to do is redeem the coupons

Coupon Code Expired

There are no expired codes currently

  • ILUVU2021SENSEI Redeem this code to get 120 pyroxenes. (New)
  • 2021ARONACHAN – Use this code to get 120 pyroxenes
  • WELCOMETOKIVOTOS2021: Redeem this code for 120 pyroxenes

Blue Archive Coupon Codes: How to redeem a gift code?

These are the steps for redeeming codes in-game


  1. Launch Blue Archive
  2. Tap the menu icon (upper-right side of screen).
  3. Scroll down to see the bottom
  4. Click on the Coupon Codes
  5. Copy and paste any code from our Valid Codes List into the textbox.
  6. Click on Confirm to get your freebies

Blue Archive Coupon Codes: How to Play?

A RPG that seeks a spark in the daily grind Mobile Anime RPG Game from Nexon

A Story Keeps the Heart alive

Youth x Academy x Military RPG = Blue Archive

You have been appointed advisor to the Federal Investigation Club Schale in Kivotos. It is a large academy city with many academies clustered together.

With charming, personality-filled allies, you can solve the many incidents in Kivotos and create special memories together!


3D battles featuring cute characters. 3D battles in real time with animated skill cutscenes and detailed animations will keep your eyes on the screen. Your strategic leadership will help you guide your team to victory by considering their abilities, terrain, synergy, and other factors.

You will be more charming to your friends the closer you get to them. Spending more time with each character will strengthen your bond. Use Momo Talk to communicate with your characters and uncover charming new secrets!

This is an exciting story that will keep you guessing about the ending. The main story is about the girls’ love and friendship. It also includes thrilling military action adventures.