Borderlands 3 Zero’s Targets of Opportunity Locations – Collectible

Welcome To the Borderlands 3 Zero’s Locations Guide, Find the 10 collectibles, and Unlock the Achievement / Trophy Zer0ed In


Collectible Borderlands 3 Zero’s Opportunities – Borderlands 3 Zero

There are 10 Zero’s Locations of Opportunity, locate them all to unlock the Zer0ed in trophy or achievement

A Zero’s Targets of Opportunity will be close to you because it will appear on the map (green icon). You can’t read it unless you unlock the ability (end of game). First unlock the ability by beating the story. Next, find the 30 Eridian Writing Labs.

You’ll also receive a new weapon every time you complete Zero’s Targets of Opportunity. However, you must make sure you check your mail. You will be awarded the Legendary Sniper Vicious Lyuda when you complete 10 Zero’s targets of opportunity. This is one of the most legendary legendaries in the game.

The Crew Challenges also count towards the 10 Zero’s targets of opportunity

Borderlands 3 Zero’s Opportunities – Locations

Video Guide

We provide you with a videoguide by the YouTuber PowerPyx that shows you the locations of the 10 Zero’s targets of opportunity in order of appearance.


Locate the Zero’s targets of opportunity you are looking for. Click on the minute link (right), to find the Zero’s targets of opportunity you are looking for and to learn how to defeat them.

  • #1 Target – Hot Karl – Pandora, Devil’s Razor – 0/05
  • #2 Target – DJ DeathSk4G Pandora, The Splinterlands 0/28
  • #3 Target – Crushjaw Pandora, Cathedral of the Twin Gods 0/47
  • #4 Target – Baron Noggin Promethea Meridian Metroplex – 1:120
  • #5 Target – Handsome Jackie Promethea Skywell-27 1 :39
  • #6 Target – Judge Hightower & his Gang Promethea and Lectra City (*), – 2 :06
  • #7 Target – Sky Bullies Eden-6, The Anvil 2:35
  • #8 Target – Heckle and Hyde Eden-6, Jakobs Estate 3:42
  • #9 Target – Psychobillies Eden-6, Ambermire 358
  • #10 Target – Sylestro & Atomic Nekrotafeyo and Tazender Ruins 4/38

(*) 6th target – Judge Hightower & his Gang Promethea is the only one that is part of a side quest Kill Killavolt