Brewmasters designed a nice brewery simulator, which reveals new features in a fresh trailer

The trailer for Cozy Brewing Sim Brewmaster was shown at Future Games Show. It has a great vibe and lots of new features.

The entire process is shown in the trailer, from food selection to final product. Don’t worry if you aren’t yet a master brewer. The recipes can be adapted to your needs. This is the secret to patience. But it takes a bit more than a little inlaw and then you have to take more time and suffer.

The Brewmaster trailer demonstrates how to adapt your wine and kitchen space to your personal tastes. To make coffee easy, arrange your table and utensils so that you can enjoy your coffee. From stylish bars in your home to cozy front rooms with fireplaces.

There’s also a new Freeplay mode that allows you to put aside a recipe and create something entirely from scratch. You can add salt or sweetness to your beer, increase the brewing speed or experiment with what you like.

S, Nintendo Switch and PC later this year via Steam. You can get the demo on Steam if you wish to play the game as soon as possible.