Bug Fables Hard Mode

Bug Fables Hard Mod – How to unlock this mode, what changes are made, and what you can do if you raise the difficulty


How do I unlock/obtain the Hard Mode?

After Maki’s tutorial, talk to Artis at Explorers Association and you will receive the medal that unlocks hard mode

What Happens to Bug Fables’ Hard Mode?

  • Other Enemies: +HP and +ATK, as well as +DEF
  • Exp from battles:
  • You will find more items in battles
  • Artis offers special medals for boss defeats

Bug Fables Hard Mode – Special Medals

  • Defeat Cenn & Pisci
  • Defeat Mothiva & Zasp
  • Defeat Zommoth
  • Defeat Astotheles
  • Antlion Jaws Medal: allies ignore +1 enemy defense | Defeat Ultimax Tank
  • Defeat Primal Weevil
  • Defeat The Beast
  • Defeat Monsieur Scarlet
  • Defeat Broodmother or Wasp King
  • Defeat Carmina
  • Defeat Dune Scorpion
  • Defeat Kabbu & Kali
  • Defeat Venus Guardian
  • Defeat Ahoneynation
  • Defeat Heavy Drone B-33
  • Defeat The Watcher
  • Defeat Mothiva
  • Defeat Spider
  • Berry Finder Medal: +25% berries drop | Defeat Riz