Bugsnax All Achievements – Also Secret & Hidden

The Bugsnax of All Achievements Also Secret and Hidden – An overview of all Achievements or Trophies and the best way to unlock them.


Bugsnax All Achievements – Full List

These are the all the Trophies and Achievements that you can earn, find out how to unlock all of them


  • Vacation’s Ended The main plot of Bugsnax
  • Have to Catch Them All The goal is to catch 100 distinct Bugsnax species
  • Sidetracked Completion of all the side quests
  • Feeding Frenzy Full transforms each Grumpus
  • Bossy Bugs: Defeat all of the Legendary Bugsnax
  • Documentarian View all Lizbert’s diaries on video
  • Talkin’ about Bugsnax Every Grumpus
  • “In the Arms of Gramble Donate the largest quantity of Bugsnax to Gramble’s ranch
  • Know Your Neighbor Return each Grumpus to Snaxburg
  • Halfway to Capture 50 distinct Bugsnax species
  • I’m Stomachful Full transform of the Grumpus
  • Sundae Top Transformation of an Grumpus by using Scoopy, Banopper, and Cheery
  • Clothesline: Shoot the Bugsnak by using the Trip Shot that is attached on your buggy Ball.
  • Grab Bag The empty one biome from all of its Snakpods
  • Everyone Gets One You can catch your first Bugsnak
  • Combo Meal: Transform into a Grumpus using Bunger, Fryder, and Sodie
  • Launch Party Aim to blast on a Bugsnak that is flying by shooting another one at it
  • It Reminds Me Of A Puzzle Find the clue to the lave cave, or the secrets of the dunes
  • Double Trapper You can catch multiple Bugsnak inside your Snak Trap at the same time
  • Say Cheese!: Scan a Grumpus after cooking them in cheese
  • Quartermaster Get 25 of the most unique Bugsnax species
  • Go Home Find the way that leads to Snaxburg
  • Deep Impact: Finish the story at Broken Tooth
  • Dapper Capper: Find 10 caps.
  • Live and Laugh Hut Completely equip your cabin.

Secret Achievements – Hidden Achievements

They are all Hidden Or Secret Achievements and Trophies. find out how to unlock them for all

  • The Survivor All of the Grumpuses are alive
  • Candid Cryptid: Scan the Snaxsquatch
  • Midnight Snak: Transform Gramble
  • Perf Dirt: Steal Beffica’s diary from her cave
  • Wonderfalls The waterfall is a good place to look to the bottom of the waterfall for clues

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