Capcom shows off first glance at Guile in Street Fighter 6

Guile is back for Street Fighter 6, as it was announced at the Summer Games Expo 2022. Guile will be taking over as the host of the PlayStation State of Play’s latest episode. Street Fighter 6 is the debut title in the series, and will be available worldwide in 2023.

Street Fighter 6 almost brings back his classic weapons and new weapons, bringing back his legacy of strength and power. You can either stop and correct the powerful attacks of the Classic Control Type or you can jump into the action using the improved Modern Control Type.

  • Flash kick: Somersault kick (flash kick). This is the classic backflip kick.
  • Sonic Boom Guiles projectile ability.
  • Sonic Blade A fixed Aviary Slash is attached.
  • Sonic hurricane scares massive aerial slash which lands diagonally in front or directly in front you.
  • Solid Puncher fires small Sonic Boom projectiles.
  • The Somersault, a new art form, involves a huge aerial slash and a devastating Somersault kick.