Captain of Industry Cheat Engine & Trainer

Captain Of Industry Cheat Engine and Trainer – The best trainer for Fast Research, unlimited food, unity, fuel, and more


MaFi Games does not offer console commands or in-game hacks. You will need to use a trainer, cheat engine or mods to get cheats. This guide will show you how to do this.


Captain of Industry Cheat Engine and Trainer – Best Engine

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The cheat engine currently includes seven cheats that will make playing your games infinitely simpler. You can also leave them enabled and forget that cheats are being used during games. Here’s a look at what the engine will include in your games.

  • Fast Research
  • Landfill waste is not allowed
  • No bio Waste
  • Unlimited vehicles fuel
  • Infinite Food
  • Unconditional Unity
  • Unlimitted Resources

Official video of WeMod in which Mods creators demonstrate all functions of their work. We recommend that you watch it to get the trainer.

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Cheats can be activated and deactivated permanently. Keys can also be used to activate or deactivate them without needing to go into the menu every time.


How do you install the trainer?

These are the steps for installing the trainer.

  • The direct download link to WeMod is located at the end of the section.
  • After downloading the file, open it and click on Install Now.

Compatibility: The WeMod Trainer/Mod is only compatible with Windows PC. You need Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7.

About Captain of Industry

Captain of Industry simulates a factory and colony. You will begin your journey with a small group of survivors on an island. If you do your job right, you will be able to build a colony that is self-sufficient and play an integral part in the regional industry. To survive, you’ll need to first mine raw materials, create factories, produce food, make products, research new technologies and trade with other islands. If you’re successful, you might even be able to launch a space program or build rockets. It’s not an easy path to follow.

You can start with smelting iron, mixing concrete, creating construction parts, or growing food. You will soon be able expand your business into electronics, crude oil processing, solar panels, data centers and rockets. You can explore over 150 products and get involved with them!