Castle Crashers Unlock Characters – Full List

Castle Crashers Unlock characters – Full list – This guide will show you how to unlock all the characters in the game (Normal and Insane Modes) as well as the DLCs


Starter Characters

There are four starters: Red Knight (Orange Knight), Blue Knight (Blue Knight) and Green Knight. To unlock the rest of these characters, there are many:


Castle Crashers Unlock Characters in Normal Mode

Normal Mode allows you to unlock 20 characters

  • Skeleton – Complete the game with Red Knight in order to unlock
  • Bear – Complete the game with Skeleton in order to unlock
  • Fire Demon – Complete the game with Orange Knight in order to unlock
  • Ninja – Complete the game with Fire Demon in order to unlock
  • Industrialist – Complete the game with Blue Knight in order to unlock
  • Fencer – Complete the game with Industrialist in order to unlock
  • Royal Guard – Complete the game with Green Knight in order to unlock
  • Saracen – Complete the game with Royal Guard in order to unlock
  • Gray Knight – Defeat the Barbarian Boss for unlocking
  • Stove face: Play the game with Gray Knight and unlock all of your potential rewards
  • Barbarian – Complete the King’s Arena Level to Unlock
  • Killer Beekeeper – Complete the game with Barbarian in order to unlock
  • Thief – Complete the Thief Arena Level to Unlock
  • Snakey – Complete the game with Thief in order to unlock
  • Peasant – Complete the Peasant arena level to unlock
  • Civilian – Complete the game with Peasant in order to unlock
  • Iceskimo – Complete the Icy Arena Level to Unlock
  • Brute – Complete the Iceskimo game to unlock
  • Conehead – Complete the Volcano Arena Level to Unlock
  • Alien Hominid – Complete the Alien Ship stage for unlocking

Castle Crashers Unlock Characters – Insane Mode

To unlock Insane Mode, complete the game with any character. Once there, you will be able to unlock 4 characters in Insane Mode.

  • King – Complete the cave stage using insane mode to unlock
  • Openface Gray Knight: Beat Catfish to Unlock
  • Necromancer – Beat Industrial Castle in crazy mode to unlock
  • Cult Minon: Unlock the Ice Castle by completing it in insane mode

Castle Crashers Unlock Characters-DLC

There are also 3 DLC characters. To unlock these characters, you will need to purchase the DLCs.

  • Hatty – Buy BattleBlock Theater to Unlock
  • Blacksmith – Buy the DLC Castle Crashers – Blacksmith Pack to Unlock
  • Pink – Get the DLC – Castle Crashers – Pink Knight Pack to Unlock