Collar X Malice Unlimited Aiji Yanagi Walkthrough

Collar X Malice Unlimited Aiji Yanagi Walkthrough: Unlock the three possible endings by following our step-by-step guide and walkthrough that includes the top options and saving points


Collar X Malice Unlimited Aiji Yanagi Walkthrough – Best Ending

There are three possible options (best good, normal, and bad) unlock them all using only one walkthrough


  • We cannot let this slide.
  • Look for to find his room
  • Investigation:
    • Kitchen
    • Refrigerator
    • Trash Can
    • Entrance
    • PC
  • Neither
  • There was never a single person who lived here.
  • Save 1
  • Make sure you’re running for the door

Chapter 1: Still Waters Run Deep

  • I’m not sure!

Chapter 2 The concept of a coin is that every Coin comes with two faces

  • I’ll spoil you a bit more.
  • This is his decision.

Chapter 3 The only thing that matters is how you create it to be.


  • It’s true but this isn’t enough.
  • I want you to get married to me.

Chapter 4: Happiness dependes upon Ourselves

  • Save 2
  • We invite you to attend the wedding.
  • Go see him

Bad Ending

  • Load Save 1
  • Stay put
  • Aiji Yanagi Normal Ending

Normal Ending

  • Load Save 2
  • N-Not yet!
  • Don’t go see him