College Daze Cheats

CSS0_College Daze Cheats & Infinite Money max energy, spells stats, information about phones and more. It is a part of the Maywoods Max Colors, Max Energy and many more cheats


College Daze Cheats – Full List

Here are the most popular cheats:


  • cheat-related Do both at the at the same time (cheat and cheats related to it)
  • cheat – give max energy, spells, stats, etc.
  • phone – provide information about the phone on the first day, but not anything other than that
  • energy and gives you maximum energy
  • For those who have taboo-related fetishes, enjoy with these next videos
  • connected – make the participant connected to the Maywoods
  • Cheat related – try both simultaneously (cheat and cheats related to it)
  • energy related – supply energy and other related
  • phone-related – call and other related

Cheat related is the most effective cheat and if you don’t want something unique, go with cheat related cheats and you’ll have everything

It appears that the cheats are still working in the current version of the game. Likewise, after update and if they do not work for you, please leave us a message to let us know how we can fix the issue.

College Daze Cheats – How to Use?

Here are the steps to make use of cheats. You can only make use of them once at the beginning of the game, so be sure to choose carefully.

  1. Launch College Daze
  2. In the beginning you can substitute “mother’s friend” with any of the cheats available.
  3. Click on Continue
  4. Enjoy your choice (tip: pick a game that is cheat related)

About the Game

Being a freshman at college can be a difficult time however, things are set to get much easier as you learn about the some lights that have the bizarre power to alter the reality. Is someone disrespecting you? Perhaps a bit of heat can calm them down. Are you trying to win over the woman you’ve always wanted to be with? Send her a bouquet of blooms that are sourced from an alternate universe. Are you fed up of being a poor college student? Create dollar bills from the air. Be careful: the more you delve deeper into the mystery of this phenomenon, the more proof will reveal that you’re far from the sole one who is blessed with gifts.