Controls for Gang Beasts Xbox

Controls for Gang Beasts Xbox – Default Controls, all the Combinations, How to Throw, How to Climb, Backflip, Knockout Headbutt


Controls for Gang Beasts Xbox – Full List

These are the Xbox One Controls and Combos:

  • Backflip A, then hold the X
  • Body Slam: Find an Edge Then, A + B
  • Change Camera Angles: D-Pad
  • Charged Headbutt A, then B, followed by Hold B
  • Climb: First LB and RB Then A
  • Crawl: Hold B
  • Drop Slide The idea is to hold A while Moving first, then A, and finally Keep A + X
  • Duck: B
  • Flip Kick in the direction of X, and then tap A repeatedly
  • Flying Drop Kick You must hold the button while Moving, tap A, and then hold X.
  • Handstand Begin by holding B and LB, then LB + RB, and X
  • Headbutt: B
  • Jump: A
  • Kick: X
  • Knockout Headbutt The idea is to hold LB + RB, and then B
  • Lean Back/Lie Down: Hold X
  • The Leap-Up Climb: hold RB + LB before Double-tapping A.
  • Left Punch/Grab: LB
  • Lift: Y While Grabbing
  • Powerslide Hold the X key, then hold B While moving
  • Right Punch/Grab: RB
  • Run: Hold A While Moving
  • Sit: Hold A While Standing Still
  • Slide Tackle Keep Moving While Holding Then Hold X
  • Standing Drop Kick A, and then Hold for X
  • Super Drop Kick Hold A While Moving First, A, then Hold X, and then B. (Here’s an even more thorough guide to help you understand the fundamentals of this move.)
  • Super Punch B, and then press quickly the LB or RB
  • The Swing-Up Climb: Hold LB + RB, then hold an X, and then move
  • Switch Your Focus When Spectating: RT
  • Taunt: Hold Y
  • Tossing foes: Lb + RB, then Y, and finally Move and release with the LB and RB
  • Zombie Waddle Take B and X then move

However, there are certain actions that require particular combinations that should surely be of interest to you, and we’ll be able to explain in the subsequent sections.

Controls for Gang Beasts Xbox – How to Throw

With Both Arms

  • Take Someone’s arms with both hands: RB & LB
  • Lift the player Do not stop holding RB and LB. Then begin holding the Y
  • First, release the Y and make sure that the player doesn’t hit the ground. Once it occurs and then let go of RB & LB to throw him off.

With One Arm

  1. (It’s not an action, but don’t throw out the person you’d like to throw)
  2. Reach out to someone with just one hand: hold RB or the LB (Not both!)
  3. The player should be lifted up Do not let go of either LB or RB (Not both! ) Then, start holding down the Y
  4. Begin walking in circles: clockwise in case you are holding them with your left arm, or counterclockwise if holding them with your right arm.
  5. Throw them away: Release RB or LB (the option you picked)

Controls for Gang Beasts Xbox – How to Climb


A normal climb can be utilized to reach a higher level and keep your fumbling character active. It is accomplished using the following button combinations

  • Xbox One: Hold RB + LB + A

Jumping Climb

If you have to climb an object that is high or a wall which the standard climb isn’t able to do You can consider the jumping Climb instead. It involves jumping as your character holds on of the wall.

  • Xbox One: Hold RB + LB + Double-tap A

Getting your legs Up

When you’ve reached the top of the hill, you’ll need to raise their legs above the platform, so you’re able to properly return to the course… as well as stay clear of the possibility of being eliminated.



  • Xbox One: Hold RB + LB + Hold X + B