Crash Bandicoot: Toys for Bob work on a multi-player game, according to Jez Corden

In the latest episode of the Xbox One podcast Jez Corden stated that Toys for Bob was working on a new Crash Bandicoot. This is a multiplayer game for four people in a style brawler.

With Rand Al Thor and Miles Dompier, a Windows Central journalist, the host discussed the announcements we might see between Summer Game Fest, Xbox & Bethesda showcase, and other scheduled appointments.

Rand at Thor said that Toys for Bob was currently working on a Crash Bandicoot. This displaces Corden. He didn’t seem to intend to reveal this detail until now. It was a multiplayer game for four players, and the joke was made by Windows Central’s reporter.

This is not a sinister act to do. Instead, it’s a new, exciting game or, as Reddit users suggest, a remake in salsa of the Crash Bashspin off in party game. Here, 4 people compete in a series mini-games.


Toys for Bob is currently one of the studios working on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. However, according to reports published at the end of last years, the team appears to be busy with another project that is completely unrelated. It also comes from COD, which would make it a new Crash Bandicoot. You already have what I have, and you will too!