Cruelty Squad Secret Levels

Cruelty Squad Secret levels – This guide will help you unlock all secret levels: Alpine Hospitality, The Darkworkd and The Paradise Catacombs.


Cruelty Squad Secret Levels Video Guide

This guide will show you how to unlock all MachoMelon’s secrets and credits.

Secret Levels of Cruelty Squad – All Secret Levels

Alpine Hospitality – Seaside Stock

Here are some tips to help you find the secrets levels

  • Head straight to the lobby, then turn left.
  • The black structure is a fake wall
  • Find the secret Level by completing the Wall

Paradise Catacombs:

Here are some tips to help you find the secrets levels

  • Make sure you have a flashlight
  • Go to the right and enter the green house
  • The Basement
  • Follow the instructions to get a divine connection to your character through the door and then head to your right
  • If you are looking for a divine link, please visit the section Getting Divine Link
  • Jump down to the Giant hole at the center of the room.
  • Reach the tunnel > Bridge > Room containing a painting depicting the Darkworld
  • Get into the painting
  • You have now unlocked the Darkworld

The Darkworld

Completion of The Paradise Catacombs, and you can equip the flashlight


You will need a flashlight if you are looking for one.

Miner’s Miracle – Bog Business

Here are some tips to help you find the secrets levels

  • Go left between the hills and reach the police car.
  • Go to the Stone tunnel and follow the directions.
  • Continue forwards until the end, then turn to your right

Requirements for Cruelty Squad Secret Levels

Tools such as the flashlight and rewards such as the divine link will be required. Also, these tutorials are helpful:

Purchase a Flashlight

You will need the following information to locate the Flashlight:

  • Locate the Flashlight at the Androgen Assault Level, and follow the wall to your right until you spawn.
  • Jump to the platform with 2 wooden planks from the open room.
  • You must defeat the enemy (he will drop the flashlight).

The Divine Link:

There are two ways to get a divine connection if you have a need:


  • Beat any level in Punishment mode
  • The Divine Link room is located around the Archon Grid level starting area.