Cyphers Game – All Puzzles Solution Guide

This guide will show you how to solve all the puzzles in the game.


This guide was created because I am frustrated by the game’s puzzles. There aren’t any walkthrough guides for the game on the community page so I made one.

Level 1 – Citadel

Step 1

Go to the same spot where you spawn when the game begins, and then go to the table to take the prize.


flashlight and open

The drawer to hold the key.



Step 2

A shelf with many drawers is located at the corner of the room. There are also many drawers.

A fuse is on the shelf. You will need to get it out to use later.



Step 3

The other table is shown in the picture below.

Open the left door using the key that you used earlier. There will be many fuses in it so You will need to make sure you have all of them.

Aside from that, it has a manual-like appearance and is nice to look at. This one will be used for turning the power back on.



Step 4

Go to the second room by opening the door. Look for the key.

Another key. This key will be used to create the corridor.



Step 5

It is dark and creepy, right? This is where you will use the paper-like manual on the table to turn on the electricity.

Turn off the valve.


Wait for approximately 10 seconds before turning the handle. The diesel engine will start to spin when you turn the handle.


After approximately 10 seconds, return the handle and turn the valve quickly as shown in the image below.

This thing will have a light bulb that lights up. You will need to interact with this machine (I don’t know what it is called) and keep the needle in the green range.



This seems to be programmed, as the fuse will fail (fuse will burst) within the first few attempts. You will need a new fuse.

Take it slow! After a few failures, you will succeed.


**Note: I will explain what I mean in Step 3. Please refer to the manual-like paper that I have placed on the table.


Electricity allows you to work more comfortably and easier. Yay!

Step 6

You will find the key to the corridor in the next room.

Step 4 and then read the manual.



Step 7

You might be able to get a rough idea of what you should do next after the last step. Below, I’ll summarize the steps in bullet points.

  • Go to the end and unlock another door. There are two ends to the corridor.
  • Turn the switch on and put one fuse in.
  • Make sure that 2 switches are turned on.
  • Turn those 3 switches on in the order 3rd->1st->2nd.
  • Finally, the radio communication system works!

Step 8

Patience here is key as this step can be DIFFICULT.

Turn the first wheel once; don’t touch it twice; turn the third wheel five times.


The screen will then zoom in on the reading meter. The following is the explanation.


The reading meter should be clear and readable (link in the references section). However, the reading meter appeared black in my side and looked like a glitch/bug.


However, the picture below shows the exact position.

You should always keep the needle on. 

To position the needle, use the W and S keys.
If the needle doesn’t reach the green mark, increase the force by pressing W.
If the needle reaches the green mark, the machine is heating up and you will lose your job.

Step 9

Congrats if you had completed


Step 8 Step 8: Open the door in front of your and go!

Step 10.

Step 10

The room just opened has a ciphertext at the table. You will need to decipher this text.


 Hover for the solution

Level 2 – Railway Depot

There are two standing guards and one walking guard at this level. You should not alert them.

You cannot kill guards silently so don’t try to kill them.

Step 1

Go to the spot where there is a guard. You will find it.


A key and a photo on the fuel tank.


Step 2

Near the guard is a door that’s round with a valve. For later use, unscrew the valve.


You can’t go directly behind the guard. You will be arrested.

Step 3

Head inside by going to the locked door.



As shown in the image, you need to shut off the valve.


After that, you can open the shelf to reveal a handle and a photo.

These can be taken and used to immediately enter here Press the C key to crouch if you have difficulty getting there.

If you fail to open the shelf, the hatch door will not open and you will be arrested by the guards.
This is a picture of a guard entering the room. He just stood there and bugged me. I didn’t have any way to escape.

Step 4

Follow the path to the hatch and then open the hatch door. This is the one you just unlocked.

Step 2

You have the opportunity to get inside the train carriage before the guards return to their surveillance positions.

Level 3 – Saloon/Carriage

This level is easier because there are no guards.

Step 1

You can go straight to the last room of the carriage, since the main goal of this level is to locate a safe box. There are some collectibles (pictures), that you can take. These will be listed below.

Image 1
The table in the first area. Should be seen directly.


Image 2
The second room is located right next to the door.


Image 3
The second room (kitchen), is located in the basement.


Image 4
The officer’s bedroom, with a locked door. Behind the door.


Image 5
The same room as Picture 4. The reading table.


Step 2

If you reach a room with two locked doors, go to the one in front of you instead of the one on your right.


You will need to unlock both doors by moving your mouse, pressing D and then unlock them. You can watch 2 videos to unlock the doors correctly.

Officer’s bedroom (the door to your right)


The door is in front of


Step 3

Find the picture here …. in the last room.

The screenshot you see above shows that the photo was taken down.

…. and you will find your safebox.

The combination to open >>


Step 4

Finally, you can take the confidential document.

Level 4 – Tunnel

This is the final level. It is more time-consuming but takes less time.

Step 1

Use the wrench.


Step 2

All screws should be removed at the X-mark

Before the train arrives. 

Step 3

Thank you for playing and game over!

There are 6 screws To unscrew.


You don’t have much time to unscrew the wrench once you grab it.

Most importantly you must immediately run to the end of the train track if you don’t want to be killed by the train explosion.