Da Nang pediatric cancer patient receives Thuy’s dream gift

TTO The April 26, an reporter for Tuoi Tre newspaper presented 110 gifts from the “Thuy’s Dream” program to children with cancer at 2 Da Nang Cancer as well as Obstetrics as well as Gynecology hospitals.

As the trolley with gift bags and bright toys come up to the ward, children were thrilled and cried.

“The “rehearsal” of choosing gifts was a great way to get the kids excited. The kids “show off” their age by choosing the best assortment of games. “I’m 4 years old, I like animal pictures” said one child. Another one said: “I’m 5 years old, I want a kitchen set”. “I need a wood draw set that I can play with my friends. “… And, in turn the children were thrilled to receive an enjoyable present.

The hospital’s previously quiet space had a lively ambience. There were children who had just entered the room and are tired, with eyes that are dim and waiting to receive the present and then thank them for it.

The majority of children who receive presents this time are kids suffering from difficult circumstances Many of them have been in hospitals since when they were born.

The representatives from Tuoi Tre newspaper went to hospitals in the rooms of children suffering from cancer or blood-related illnesses were able to ask about their health. They also delivered 110 gifts to children. The gift packages include cakes as well as milk, the bird’s nest, drinking water… as well as toys worth 300,000 VND as well as 400 000 VND cash.


Dr. Doan Quoc BAO, the deputy director of the department of Internal Medicine 3 at Da Nang Oncology Hospital, explained that the majority of children with cancer being cared for at the hospital come from central provinces and in the Central Highlands. The majority of patients have to be treated in the hospital for between 1-3 years before moving to outpatient care.

“Each child patient has to have a main laborer in the house to take care of them, so their family’s economy is very difficult. Fortunately, there are benefactors to help them in some way so that they can continue their treatment well. “said Doctor Bao.

Hospital representatives and family members of the kids expressed their gratitude to the Thuy’s Dream program as well as the generous donors who have helped the children in the past time.

In addition we are hoping to get the assistance from the organization in the coming days, to assist the children to get over illnesses and challenging situations.

Da Nang pediatric cancer patient receives Thuy's dream gift

This is the initial awarding point of the Thousand Gifts Hand Giving Event that will take place on International Children’s Day June 1 of Thuy’s Dream program . The program will provide 1,000 gifts to children’s patients in 10 hospitals across the provinces that include Da Nang, Hue, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi with a value of 700 million Vietnamese.