Dead Cells how to Wall Jump guide

Dead cells how to Wall Jump guide. Locations and requirements for unlocking the Wall Jump ability using the Spider Rune


Dead Cells – How to Wall Jump – Requirements

Two runes must be unlocked before you can use them.

The Vine Rune is required. It is a permanent rune that allows climbing vines to grow. It can be found in Promenade to the Condemned. Enter a door at the base a large overhang to gain access to the room.

The Ram Rune is required. This permanent rune allows you to break through certain floors. It can be found in Ossuary. In a room with spikes, it is located in front of an elite Slasher.

You can now reach the location where the Spider Rune (Wall jumping ability) is located:

Dead Cells – How to Wall Jump – Location

You must reach Slumbering Santuary.


  • Head to the Toxic Sewers from the Prisoner’s Quarters. You will need the Vine Rune.
  • There you can go to Ancient Sewers. You will need the Ram Rune.
  • You can now defeat the boos at Insufferable Crypt
  • Once you have defeated the Elite Boss Caster, in a room with dropdowns and banners, he will Drop the Spider Rune.

The Spider Rune, a permanent buff that grants you the ability to stick to walls and jump between surfaces to achieve higher levels, is also available. Now you can wall jump with the Spider Rune

Video Guide

You still have doubts? Check out this video guide of Maka91Productions getting the Spider Rune.