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Last week, we invited you to visit Blackreed to take stunning photos with the new Photo Mode for Deathloops. Here are some highlights from this week’s photo shoot:

sparkling_Port9 shares Colt made a casual split.

Comput_ART shared this black-and-white picture from Julianna. It is a 1960s-style fashion.

Kimchitraveler captured the lights from blackreef

Penrosetiling shares Blackreef’s sturdling design, which is a misrepresentation.

Yuric83 shared an attractive poster.

KenKenVega1 created a haunting effect by using the photo mode filter.

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They are the silent.

BY: 11 :59 on June 15, 2022 or 2123

Next week, look for street clothing. To win a chance at playing, share a shadowy silhouette you make with a friend by using #PSshare #PSBlog