DEEEER Simulator all Achievements

DEEEER Simulation all Achievements – All achievements (17), secret achievements (9) as well as guides/tips for unlocking them all


DEEEER Simulator All Achievements – Full Liste

These are the achievements. Find the guides below to unlock them.


  • I am Deeer: Unlock all accomplishments
  • Self-sacrifice – Secret Achievement
  • 13th deer: See the average ending of every day – Secret Achievement
  • The Trudeer Show – View the real ending – Secret Achievement
  • As a Truck – Secret Achievement
  • Dunkleosteus – Defeat the Giant Fish
  • Town Musicians from Bremen: Secret Achievement
  • Big Time Monkey: Defeat Big Time Monkey – Secret Achievement
  • Deer hunting: Get a total 30 weapons
  • Counting sheep: You can defeat a total 100 sheep
  • Deer or Dead : Make a total of 10 people deer-friendly
  • God disguised as a Cow – Ride the Cow
  • What’s the Secret to Your Waiting Time?: Ride Metal Deer!
  • Rhinosaber – Secret Achievement
  • Win at Cowthello.
  • Genius: Solve the Animal Puzzle
  • 100% BEEF – Make 4 Hamburgers – Secret Achievement

Secret Achievements

  • Self-sacrifice : Get hit with a truck
  • 13th Deer – View the average daily ending
  • The Trudeer Show – View the true ending
  • Like a Truck – Defeat the Giant Koala
  • Town Musicians from Bremen: Beat DOGGO
  • Big Time Monkey: Defeat Big Time Monkey
  • Kept You Waiting?: Ride Metal Deer
  • Rhinosaber – Defeat all Rhinos
  • 100% BEEF – Make 4 hamburgers

DEEEER Simulator All Achievements Guide

  • Self-sacrifice – Start the game and choose the Be Reborn option
  • 13th deer: Take a picture of your future self, if you are offered the option
  • The Trudeer Show – Don’t shoot yourself, beat “You”.
  • As a Truck: Take a picture of the huge Koala hanging from a building in the middle the first map
  • Dunkleosteus – Beat the game. Fly up to the fish and roast it with the dragon
  • Town Musicians from Bremen: Get to level A and fight DOGGO
  • Big Time Monkey – Hit the hamsters behind the wheel, and the people next to them to stop the contraptions. The monkey will then spawn in front of you (boss fight).
  • Deer hunting: Grab everything you see
  • Counting Sheep Keep causing havoc
  • Deer or Dead : Go up to people and hit the Up arrow key to access your keyboard
  • God disguised as a Cow – Get up on the giant cow in front of this minigame
  • What’s the Deal?: Take a VR cow to the Heli station, and then make it click on the red button labeled cow. Then, you can step on the deer button.
  • Rhinosaber – Hit the giant rhino until it spawns another one, and then repeat the process
  • The Divine Move – Walk up to the giant cow, and play the minigame with the AI cow.
  • Genius – Go up to the giant… cow …? Then, solve the mini-puzzle
  • 100% BEEF – Burn 4 cows with the Post Game Dragons