Deepwoken Heavy Weapons Wiki

Deepwoken Heavy Armors – Greataxes Greatswords Greathammers – All Heavy weapons arranged from worst to most and where they can be found

Deepwoken Heavy Weapons and Greataxes

These are the Greataxes sorted from worst to most and where you can find/buy them.

  • Battleaxe This weapon is available by selecting Heavy Weapons during Character Creation or purchasing it at Etris
  • Adretian Axe– Through the Fort Merit Etrean rescue quest
  • Canorian Axe Drop from chests in Lower Erisia. Minityrsa. Songseeker Wilds
  • Iron Birch– From Minityrsa Starswept Valley, The Depths and Primadon Chests
  • Halberd is obtained in Minityrsa or Erisia as well as The Depths.
  • Evanspear Hand Axe
  • Night Axe from Brainsucker & Minityrsa Ministry Nercers (Shadow NPCs).
  • Master Hawk’s HandAxe is available in Starswept Valley chests
  • Relic Axe– by defeating Stone Knights at Starswept Valley
  • Enforcer’s Axe: Defeating an Enforcer at The Depths or the Trial of One

Deepwoken Heavy Weapons and Greatswords

These are the Greatswords ranked from worst to most valuable and where they can be purchased.

  • Zweihander– Buy it at Etris
  • Crescent Cleaver Drop from chests on Minityrsa or Songseeker
  • Darksteel Greatsword has a very low drop rate in overworld places like Starswept Valley, Summer Isle and Hive. However, it drops much faster from chests in The Depths.
  • Inquisitor’s Straight Sword– It can be purchased from Rogue Constructs and Primadon
  • First Light– You can get it by killing a Red Megalodaunt in Songseeker Wilds
  • Enforcer’s Blade – The same as an Enforcer’s Axe. It is used to kill the Enforcer.

Greathammers – Deepwoken Heavy Weapons

These are the Greathammers ranked from worst to most valuable and where they can be found/purchased.

  • Steel Maul Lower erisia chests and weapon shop
  • Forge Greathammer can be found in chests when explosive crates are turned in at Summer Isle, in chests within The Depths or in chests from Primadon.
  • Great Maul dropped from the Rock Golem
  • Pale morning – From Chests In The Starswept Valley (very uncommon), The Duke, The Primadon or The Depths
  • Petra’s Anchor – obtained from the Dread Serpent