Demonfall Best Breathing – Tier List

Demonfall the Best Breathing Tier List All breathing patterns ranked from Tier C (the highest) and up all the way to Tier C (the most harmful)

Demonfall Best Breathing – Tier S

Tier S: most effective breaths in the game

  • Sun Breathing Sun Breathing is an end-game Breathing style that is based on attack that is delayed and close range. Because of the numerous block breakers the Sun Breathing user should always be more aggressive while using the iFrame move to avoid combinations
  • Moon Breathing Moon Breathing a breathing style that is based on skill. The moveset is based around multi-ranged combo extenders as well as instantaneuos attacks which makes it perfect for combinations and poking. It’s a fantastic choice in PvE, however it takes lots of work to master it.
  • insect Breathing powerful moves and statistics for PvE and PvP. It is one among the most well-balanced breathing moves in the game.

Demonfall Best Breathing – Tier A

Tier A: More than the average of breathing

  • The Water Breathing Breathing style: This style of breathing is centered around attacking and punishing. Because of the number of moves that are great for punishing and granting an extremely high level of mobility it is suggested to run backwards in the combo you blocked, and then apply the lunging technique using this breathing style to begin your combo.
  • Mist Breathing Mist is focused on creating quick attacks before quickly disappearing this is the reason this breathing comes with one I-frame movement and one moving teleporting. It is among the most powerful breathing techniques for combos. It has also received many nerfs because of the effectiveness of the combos that are.

Demonfall Best Breathing – Tier B

Tier B: Lower than the normal breathing rate

  • Flare Breathing The moveset of Flame Breathing is centered around the counter and offense. Because of how versatile the moves can be, they can be employed for offense, mobility as well as defense. There’s a counter-move and guardbreaking move. They’re all extremely rapid in terms of cast time.
  • Thunder Breathing Thunder Breathing’s movement set is centered around the ability to teleport and do M1s to trigger dangerous combinations. The majority of the moves deal little damage, but are simple to use. Thunder also comes with two moves that can be teleported around the target, allowing for an additional M1 combo Rice Spirit and Thunder Swarm

Tier C

Tier C: One of the biggest breaths you can get during the game

  • Breathing: Wind Breathing Wind Breathing: Wind Breathing has the greatest number of break in the guard among all breathing, with three moves. Wind Breathing is great for ranged attacks and also has the largest reach among all breaths.
  • Beast Breathing: Beast focuses on close-ranged attacks and that is the reason there are only close-ranged capabilities.
  • Love Breathing Love Breathing is a focus on fast slashes and combos as well as being available as an Hybrid
  • Serpent Breathing Serpent Breathing is a game that focuses on slow forward cuts

Tier C

Tier D: One of the most painful breaths in the game

  • Audio Breathing Sound is focused on blinding people and sending them into the air using slow swings that cause massive explosions