Developers of MMORPG Gloria Victis talk about the last steps before the full release of the game

Black Eye Games developers spoke about recent developments in Gloria Victis, a MMORPG.

The creators of Gloria Victis have worked hard over the years to build a team and provide more updates than 320 every week. Version 1.0 is nearing.

In the most recent Dev Magazine video, the biggest changes and the major steps taken before leaving Early Access are highlighted.

Only a few weeks are needed by the creators to prepare the game for exit from early access. Three steps are being completed by part of the team before it is released.

Changes in the game world are already underway. Significant changes to the way that guilds and sieges are approached. Expanding the Cross-Server Events feature

Other team members are currently working on bug fixes and new features, optimizations and technical updates. They also consider feedback and suggestions from players.