Devour Pumpkin Locations

Devour Pumpkin locations – You will receive a limited skin at the 30 Pumkin’s locations that complete the halloween event.


  • Each map has x10 pumpkins (Farm, Asylum & Inn).
  • This event is only available from October 25 through November 1.
  • You will need to awaken all the monsters, and then get the keys.

Locations of Devour Pumpkins – Farm Map

These are the x10 Pumpkin Locations on the Farm Map

  1. Jump over the fence to find it under the 2 stacked blocks of hay.
  2. Front of the basement door
  3. Do you remember the key to the first cage? That hut is behind you
  4. In the oven (Kitchen).
  5. The library staircase is behind the stairs
  6. The breakfast room is located near the TV room.
  7. In the bathroom of one room
  8. The master bathroom is located in the same room as the bedroom.
  9. The Attick
  10. Cellar

Devour Pumpkin Map – Locations

These are the x10 Pumpkin Locations in the Asylum Map

  1. Outside the hall (near the large, mirror-like mirror).
  2. We woke up in the same room as molly.
  3. On the way to the guards’ room, inside
  4. In the guards’ room
  5. Infirmary
  6. The upstairs bathroom is located.
  7. Bedroom at the end the bathrooms
  8. In the Kitchen
  9. Basement, Room on the Right (we were there to get a key)
  10. The pantry

Inn Map – Devour Pumpkin Locations

These are the x10 Pumpkin Locations in the Inn Map

  1. After jumping out of the window (reception cupboard)
  2. We are going to eash the eggs.
  3. Above the cave
  4. Behind Sara’s back, you can find the cave.
  5. The game room is located next to the kitchen.
  6. In the Kitchen
  7. You will find it upstairs in the bathroom.
  8. Storage
  9. It’s located in room 5.
  10. It’s located in room 8.

Video Guide

Chicky TV has a video guide that will help you locate pumpkins.