Diablo Immortal is out, a new game is being planned by Blizzard in 2199 days

This is a new record: The company didn’t release a game for 2072 consecutive days.

This record is brand new. Before this, the company had not released a game for more than two-two days.

Soon, the RPG action game Diablo Immortal will be available. This game is available for smartphones in some areas. Blizzard managed to break the longest gap between new games and their release with Diablo Immortal. Jason Schreier is a journalist who used his calculated skills to create this game.

Overwatch was the company’s first game, and it was released in 2016. Diablo Immortal released 2199 days after the completion of the project.

The longest time between the release date of a Blizzard game, and the release date, was usually between 0 and 22 days. This is the time it took for World of Warcraft to be released in 2004, and StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty to be released in 2010.

It is notable that Diablo Immortal can’t be considered a fully-fledged Blizzard project. It was created with the help of NetEase, a Chinese company. This is the first game that was created by the company since Overwatch.

Russia will not release Diablo Immortal. Blizzard has stopped selling on the local market due to the Russian army’s operation in Ukraine. However, Russian localization will continue to be the norm.

This is very interesting.

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