Digital Foundry analyzed the first of Starfield’s gameplay trailers

Digital Foundry today released a analysis of the game Starfield that was showcased at the Xbox & Bethesda showcase. The gameplay demonstration was over 15 minutes long while the game showcased an array of elements from exploration of the planets to battles and the creation of characters.

Digital Foundry has reviewed the video. Here are some highlights from the analysis:

  • In the experiments that prove that anti-aliasing causes problems all over the world but it’s not.
  • In general, spaces that are open are great for shadows as well as fog can make it transparent.
  • Due to the slow bitrate, scientists couldn’t determine whether the sky is known as a three-dimensional structure or simply a sky dome.
  • 30 FPS are on the screen, and that’s not uncommon in the case of this kind of thing.
  • Journalists point out that indirect lighting isn’t the most modern approach but it is a possibility due to the difficulty of the task.
  • Following Fallout 4, character rendering has also been improved dramatically. Apart from animation and character design, they’ve also been featured in dialog.

Digital Foundry believes Starfield will be the most exciting city game, considering that the majority of the bad instances that caused the problems in Fallout 4 and 76 have been rectified.