Discord 500 Internal Server Error – How to Fix

Discord 500 Server Internal Error – How To Repair If Discord is not working, it’s likely due to this error, we’ll tell you the steps to fix it.


Discord 500 Internal Server Error – How to Fix

This is among the most frequent Discord errors. It’s quite alarming, since everything was functioning perfectly before you made any modifications to your team, this error started to show up.


The most important reason isn’t your computer or connectivity, so simply waiting is typically the best option. Most of the time, it’s an issue with Roblox servers. Roblox servers and is something they have to fix.

Make sure whether everything else functions normally to verify it. Try visiting other websites as well as opening different applications. If you’d like to keep calm, turn off your device.

Now, if you realize that others who were affected by the error have been able to connect to Discord but the error is still to pop up for you, there’s an option to take and that’s to clean out the cache. Because both the websites as well as the apps will continue to display old information for several hours, unless you clear the cache. So if you’re interested we will show you the steps to take

Discord 500 Internal Server Error – Clear Discord Cache

How to Clear Discord Cache on PC

  1. Select to the “Start” button, search for “%appdata%” and select the result that displays
  2. Navigate to go to the Discord folder, then look for it in the Cache folder. Clear all the files that inside.

How to Clear Discord Cache on Chrome

To clean your cache on Chrome To clear your cache on Chrome, use CTRL, SHIFT and DEL and then choose the cached images and files and clear data


How to Clear Discord Cache on Firefox

Click on the three bars in the top of the screen, and then select Options. Choose Privacy & Security, then look for Cookies as well as Site Data and click Clear Data

How to Clear Discord Cache on Android

  1. Start the Settings and then select Storage..
  2. In the list that appears in the list that appears, tap in the app section ( Other Apps on Android 11 and earlier). It will open an overview of all the apps you have installed on your phone.
  3. Choose the app with the cache you wish to clean. To determine which apps are taking up the largest amount of space, simply tap the three dots menu located at the top right corner. select sorting by size. We’ll take Chrome as an illustration.
  4. On the page of information for the app click on the Clean Cache alternative.

How to Clear Discord Cache on iPhone

Sometimes, the iPhone will allow you to delete the cache, but often you have to remove and reinstall the application

If you’re an iPhone user, since it is likely to be caused by discord. Discord servers, then we suggest that you sit tight.