Distribution of code codes for Genshin Impact in EGS

Epic Games has begun giving promotional codes to give away to Genshin Impact, as part of the EGS Mega Sale. Everyone can benefit from materials regardless of ability to acquire knowledge from the very first up to the top of adventures grades.

To purchase a gift set you need to go to the promotional page and click on Order and then Place the order. The offer will be available from 18:30 in Moscow on the 9th of June. Each code is activated only once at a time, and once it is activated on the system, no one else will be able to turn away the entire offer.

The activation code will be sent to mail, which contains a link to EGS and in the mailer there is a hyperlink to include a promo code. You can enter this code to receive all of this: 80,000 pestilence, five Book of Hero Experience, 10 Magic Ore and five Egg Fort dishes. Sell it in your mailer.

Unfortunately, there’s not an item to be included in the form of a letter. We are hoping this year’s Mega Sale will also have an uncommon currency that can buy new equipment and heroes.

A few more articles are coming in the near future.