Donut County Secret Achievements

Donut County Secret Achievements: All the secrets and how to unlock them. Also how to get into the vault at Headquarters


Donut County Secret Achievements is a set of special achievements that are not visible to the player. These achievements are only visible if all the requirements are met

Donut County Secret Achievements: Full List

These are the secrets to all of our achievements.


  • Boos Fight (35 points): Win the Boss Fight
  • Flawless (95 points): Finish the boss fight and take no damage.
  • Game over (20 points): Lose your boss fight
  • Bandit (90 points): Get into the vault at RaccoonHQ
  • Secret Soup (95 points): Chef’s secret soup recipe.

You can find spoilers here if you need assistance with any of these.

Boos Fight Secret Achievement

You can defeat the Trash King boss fight, send his flying machine packing and avoid the cement gun. Then launch his bombs at him.

Flawless Secret Achievement

You must defeat Trash King as in the previous achievement, but you can’t take damage. Even after many tries, there is nothing you cannot get.

Game Over Secret Achievement

You can put the controller down and wait for a little more than five minutes. It’s not as quick as knocking him down so it’s better to wait.

Bandit Secret Achievement

To unlock the vault door at RaccoonHQ, press the Up, Left and Down buttons.


Secret Soup

Cat Soup level > Add pepper to the Chef’s soup until you unlock this achievement

Donut County Secret Achievements: Rest

You can get help with the rest (no secret), of the accomplishments:

  • Pup’s Odyssey – Let the Hot Air Balloon Go!
  • Donut Country: Take down the donut shop.
  • The Flume is Doomed: Get rid of Raccoon Lagoon
  • Hacker: Hack into mainframe
  • Redeemed: Get everyone out of the underground
  • Complete the Trashopedia for Nerds
  • Gamer: Get gamer fuel
  • Pyro: Lighten Pepper’s trailer
  • Quack Enthusiast – Set Pepper’s trailer ablaze
  • Egg Breaker: Break 3 dozen eggs
  • Music Lovers: Finish Gecko Park, without collecting the radio
  • Disrespect: Destroy the monitor of Trash King
  • Dethroner: Destroy the monument of Trash King
  • Secret soup: Chef’s secret soup recipe
  • Pilot: Fly through the hole for donuts.
  • Escape: Find Trashking’s secret escape vehicle