Doom 2 Cheats

Doom 2 cheats: All cheating codes (God mode Warp to Level, and more) and how to use them , and how to unlock levels that are secret


Doom 2 Cheats – Full List

This is a complete list of available cheat codes, cheats or cheats.


  • IDFA – Access all ammo, weapons and mega armor using this cheat code
  • IDKFA Get all guns, ammunition mega armor, as well as all keys using this cheat code
  • IDBEHOLDS – Spawn Berserk’s powerup using this cheat code
  • IDBEHOLDI – Create an invisibility powerup using this cheat code
  • IDBEHOLDV – Create an invulnerability power-up by using this cheat code
  • IDBEHOLDL Spawn Light Amp Goggles using this cheat code
  • IDBEHOLDR – Create an IdbeHOLDR Radiation Suit by using this cheat code
  • IDBEHOLDA – Show the computer’s region map by using this cheat code
  • IDDT – Show the whole Map (must have automap enabled, enter two times to show the entirety of items, monsters etc.) using this cheat code
  • IDMUSxx – Select an BGM track (replace the word xx with 01-32) by using this cheat code
  • IDDQD- Enable God Mode with this cheat code
  • FHSHH – People do not bother you until you strike by using this cheat code
  • IDCLIP – Turn off the clipping feature (walk across objects) by using this cheat-code
  • IDCHOPPERS Replace your fists chainsaws using this cheat code
  • IDMYPOS – Show your location in code using this cheat code
  • IDCLEVxx – Warp up to the level you want (replace the word xx with 01-30) by using this cheat code
  • IDCLEV31 – Get access to one of the levels by using this cheat code
  • IDCLEV32: Unlock the 2nd secret level using this cheat code

Doom 2 Cheats – How to Enter Cheat Codes?

There is no requirement to turn on anything or even open the console. All you have to do is enter the codes while playing

Doom 2 Cheats – How to Unlock Secret Levels

Secret Level 31

Find the exit that is hidden on The Level 15: Industrial Zone

  • Lava Lake (Southern Part) Turn on the switch
  • You can get the Invulnerability powerup (new East side of east)
  • Take the Teleporter (southwest of the diamond building).
  • Take a trip upstairs and fall off the ledge.
  • The door is open.
  • Follow the Lava River
  • Follow the left side of the path

Secret Level 32

  • Go to the final room of the secret first level (12 SS guards & Elevator)
  • Turn Right
  • The invisible panel is activated by interacting on the walls (southeast part of room)
  • Enter the secret entrance then go forward, and make a right
  • You can activate the second panel by interfacing with the wall
  • Follow the trail until you reach the exit that is secret