Dota 2 developers show how many people at Valve work on the game

Jeff Hill, who is an active participant in the Dota 2 community and thanked the community for the thoughtful words and revealed how many people were involved in Dota.

I’m extremely fortunate to have so many talented coworkers who put in the effort. I’m just stuck to Reddit. It’s great to see this community friendly for me, but for me there’s around 30 other people working with Dota 2 every day, however, I don’t blog about it. It’s not the most common thing that happens. I consider the other people involved in Steam localization, support, and support and are also members of different development teams.

This isn’t a job for an employer or a boss, but it is a good idea to think. I accomplish this by frequently creating code and making bizarre posts on Reddit. Thank you for your nice words and the ridiculous memes (my kids love them) But please keep in mind that there are many other people that are working for you.

Since the beginning of June Dota 2 developers created a dedicated place where players can submit any bugs that occur in Dota. Players have already reported numerous mistakes in more than 1,000 cases to the developers.