Drift Paradise Codes – Roblox

All legal Drift Paradise Codes Roblox in one list that is updated — Roblox Games from @x_plxsma You can redeem these codes for in-game money and use it to purchase improvements to your vehicles in the game by x_plxsma.


Drift Paradise Roblox – Complete List

Use these codes to redeem cash in-game and use it to purchase car upgrades in the game x_plxsma.


Valid and active codes

These are all valid codes.

  • 120klikes You can redeem this code to claim Cash (New)
  • 110klikes Redeem this code to claim cash
  • 100klikes This code can be used to redeem and get $10,000 Cash
  • 90klikes redeem this code to receive $9,000 Cash
  • 80klikes Use this code to redeem it and get $8,000 Cash
  • Christmas Use this code to redeem it for $15,000 in cash

Two codes for the first are available, but if are looking for more, make sure to play the game and enjoy it. We’ll be taking into consideration adding them to the list which we’ll keep up-to-date

Codes that are expired

These codes no longer work:

  • massiveupdate Redeem this code and get $2,500 Cash
  • Tokyodrift Redeem this code to claim $2,500 Cash

Please leave us a note in the event that you discover additional codes, so that we are able to keep the list up-to-date


Drift Paradise codes Roblox How do you Redeem?

Then, launch Drift Paradise Roblox, Click on the Cars Button (left side of the screen, just above the button for houses) Enter an appropriate coupon code (from the available list) and then click redeem to redeem your freebies

Here you can find out how ways to redeem codes (video by youtube Dan from Gaming Dan)

How do you participate in Drift Paradise? Roblox Game by @x_plxsma

You are invited you to Drift Paradise!

New code has 80k likes.
Use the code “massiveupdate” or “tokyodrift” to get 5000 dollars in cash!


Warning: If you’re experiencing issues with lag, I’d suggest using one of our no-cost private servers! As this is a massive game, some devices and internet may not be able to play the game.

Update Log:

Look up the log of updates in Drift Paradise’s main menu. Drift Paradise



  • Change to Sprint
  • Right Shift and C to access Freecam

This game is currently in BETA

Drift Paradise dc server invite code: officialdriftparadise