Dynamic rhythm shooter Robobeat announced it was coming soon

Robobeat is a brutal record-shooter. The film that was shown at the Future Games Show Powered By Mana will help explain.

Robobeat’s original concept is simple. The unnamed protagonist was captured by the city’s crazy showman and placed in prison. That is why you have to entertain the viewers streaming your music. Wait! It’s not easy.

In both cases, jumping, sliding, and taking revenge is the way to success. Do not get too crazy. The multiplier is more valuable. If you place a win at your end of the journey, you will be more likely to beat the final final. This will allow you to escape this prison.

Variation is key to your running. There are many options to stop you from moving forward, including wall running, bunny jumping and grappling. Combining weapons and adding-ons, such as an arrow attachment, can give you new options to make your attack chainable.

Because the rooms are randomly generated, each room has a different layout, item, and secret to unlock. You can’t play the game any other way if you add plot twists or extraordinary optical illusions.

You can access The Last Beat on Steam if you wish to view the game.