Dynasty Origins Conquest Codes – June 2022

Dynasty Origins Conquest codes – All redeem codes available – These codes can be used to get Ingots and Advanced Recruits Tokens as well as Essence Tokens and other rewards in-game

These codes can be used to redeem Ingots and Advanced Recruits Tokens, as well as Essence Tokens and other rewards in-game


Dynasty Origins Conquest Codes- Full List

These are all available codes:

  • 616event – Redeem code reward > some freebies (New).
  • 616dream Redeem code reward > some freebies (New
  • recommenddoc Redeem code reward > some freebies
  • Docveterans Redeem code reward > some freebies
  • doceaster Redeem code reward > some freebies
  • Lintong18 Redeem code reward > Some Freebies
  • Happyapril Redeem code reward > Some Freebies
  • DCCOL Redeem code reward > Some Freebies
  • HTMLWINFEEDBACK Redeem code reward > Some Freebies
  • Docjiangwei Redeem code reward > some freebies
  • Docvalentine Redeem code reward > Some Freebies
  • lunarnewyear2022 Redeem code reward > some freebies
  • ZHUGEDOPLIANG Redeem code reward > some freebies
  • DOCVIP Redeem code reward > some freebies
  • Ssdiscorddoc Redeem code reward > some freebies
  • SSFBgroupdop Redeem code reward > Some Freebies
  • Docnewyear2022 Redeem code reward > 500 ingots
  • Doccommunity Redeem code reward >2 Advanced Recruits Tokens
  • Docfbcode Redeem code reward > 1 Advance Recruit Token, 1 Essence Token & 88 Ingots
  • Welcomedoc – Redeem code reward >1 Advanced Recruit Token and 1 Essence Token
  • Docrelease Redeem Code Rewards > 300 Ingots
  • Feedbackdoc – Redeem code reward >1 Advanced Recruit Token
  • Fbgroupdoc Redeem code reward >1 Advanced Recruit Token and 1 Essence Token
  • Discordcode Redeem code reward >1 Advanced Recruit Token and 1 Essence Token
  • heromaze Redeem code reward > some Freebies
  • Docsignincode Redeem code reward > some freebies
  • leavefeedback1130 Redeem code reward > some freebies
  • Docnewversion Redeem Code Rewards > Some Freebies

This list of valid codes will be kept up-to-date. Follow us to see every new code added as it becomes available.

We will update the list, even though you don’t have to.

Expired codes

These codes are no longer valid:


  • dochalloween Redeem code reward > some freebies
  • Liubeilight Redeem code reward > Some Freebies
  • Zhangfeicode Redeem code reward > Some Freebies
  • Docfb Redeem code reward > Some Freebies
  • docfbgroup Redeem code reward > some freebies
  • Docguanyu Redeem code reward > some freebies

Dynasty Origins Conquest Codes: How to Use?

These are the steps required to redeem codes

  1. Start Dynasty Origins Conquest from your Device
  2. Tap on the Personal Info or Avatar (top left of screen).
  3. Click on the Settings button and click on the Redeem button
  4. In the box marked “Enter redemption code”, enter a code from our database.
  5. To redeem rewards, tap the Redeem button!

This video guide is by Zacker Gamer ( , 2:30 minutes).

Dynasty Origins Conquest

Game Dynasty Origins Conquest is an interactive game in which you must advance in order to beat your rivals. Dynasty Origins Conquest has many heroes with different abilities each, so you can easily make a stellar lineup. The game is easy to learn and you’ll be able to win lower level combats.

This is a strategy game where you must create a particular lineup to win specific combats. The possibilities of creating lineups are almost endless, as you can have many heroes in the game. Dynasty Origins Conquest is a Youzu Games Dynasty Origins saga . The fight design can be customized 4×4. You can form alliances with other members to form clans and lead powerful armies towards conquest of the crown.


Feel the excitement of being the best strategist at Dynasty Origins Conquest.