EA stops revealing the FIFA Ultimate Team’s revenue after having a cheating complaint

The financial report from last year will have dispelled any doubts about EA’s live services making a lot of money. Due to limited options in Madden, FIFA and NHL, the company made nearly one billion dollars. The EA’s loot box (also known as “EA”) received a lot of inquiries. The number of inquiries made in the EA’s loot boxes (a.k.a. “EA”) progressively increased. Perhaps that is why the company decided to abandon its financial report for this year.


EA’s financial reports were detailed by Axios. EA’s financial reports acknowledged the good work Ultimate Team was doing, and listed the revenue it had raised for the fiscal years 2019, 2020 and 2021. The report actually left out the money made by the team during the financial crisis.

EA Can Pretend Ultimate Team Packages are not gambling for How Long?

Budgeting goals can’t be met if finances aren’t in order. EA may not have wanted to repeat the PR disaster that was last year’s report. This is despite the fact that EA continues to be called up on its loot box accounts. EA’s biggest loss is likely to be when the Netherlands top ruled that FIFA Ultimate Team cards are necessary for betting.

A report by The Norwegian Consumer Council has concluded that loot boxes can be exploited, using FIFA 22 as an illustration. According to the report, the mechanic uses deceptive designs that force people to spend more without providing details about the probability or the algorithm. Twenty consumer groups from 18 countries supported the report and its findings.

Fairplay and The Center for Digital Democracy directed 15 child advocacy groups later cited the report. They wrote a letter asking The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate its loot box.

The six-page letter states that EA has achieved the infinite pursuit for the FIFA edition. “When a player moves to FIFA 22: Ultimate World, their pack rewards do not improve with them.”