Edmonton Oilers defeat Calgary Flames in Game Five with a controversial goal

Although the Edmonton Oilers have advanced to the Western Conference Final, they are not without controversy. It looked as though the Calgary Flames had taken control of the game through a Blake Coleman skating redirection.

The goal was the initial call made on the ice. After the play was reviewed, sufficient evidence was apparently found to invalidate the goal. The Oilers won the game in overtime.

Flames forward Mikael backland scores with a shot that passes Mike Smith, Oilers goaltender. It lands in the blue paint of the crease. Coleman guides the puck with his skate over the redline while being checked from behind. After reviewing the goal, Coleman was able to guide the puck over the redline with his skate.

Coleman stated that “I don’t think I understand it,” he said to Salim Nadim Vaji after the game. “I was being pushed, trying to keep my foot on ice. It felt like I was fighting in the arena. I believe you can only direct the puck but not kick. It didn’t feel like I kicked it.”

This play is of paramount importance and has been the subject of more discussion regarding officiating consistency within the league.

Are you ready to change the record? Are there enough facts to prove that this decision is wrong? Personally, I find this a ridiculous call. Especially when you consider the fact that the puck goes in regardless of whether he touches or not. If a Capitals season ended in a similar fashion, I would be furious.



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